Saturday, May 19, 2007

India and Pakistan Must start some serious talks!

The clips are taken from movie 1971. Cheers!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

It is OK to LIVE in the PRESE NT MOMENT! At least, You Keep Smiling!

We have always heard and read that one should always smile. They say that smile is infectious. Keep smiling and let other smile. And, many of us have tried living the smiling life.

Tell me honestly – how many of us have got even 1% of success in keeping smiling at all the times. Just to give you an instance – Take a look at photographs. Find how many of them are truly smiling. In fact in 95% of time, people either make serious face while going for photographs or they give formal smile when photographer say – smile please!

Why is smiling so difficult? When you are reading this paragraph, watch yourself. How many times you have smiled in last 2 hours or say last 2 days. Are you astonished by your memory because you can’t remember many moments or have you really not smiled for many times?

I must tell you that Smiling is one of the most difficult tasks in this world. We do smile. But do we really smile? Do not you think that most of the time we smile air-hostess or receptionist kind of smile?

Before I tell you why we do not smile whole heartedly, let me ask you – when do you think we cry? We cry only when something really goes wrong with us. We cry when we fail and we get hurt. We cry when we loose our dear ones. We cry when some body hurt us. WE CRY WHEN WE ARE BROUGHT BACK IN PRESENT MOMENT. WE CRY BECAUSE FOR THOSE MOMENTS WE STOP LIVING IN PAST OR FUTURE.

So, now try imagining why we do not smile at all the times. It is because we are either living in past and future. And, as our past keep haunting us and we are not sure about our future, we remain uncertain in all moments. And, could you imagine smiling in uncertain state of mind. So, there it is.

So, try living at least one hour of the day in the present moment. You would find yourself smiling for at least one hour of the day. LIVE IN THE PRESENT AND STAY SMILING!

But, are not we loosing our future if we are not “planning” our future? O well, you definitely are not loosing any thing. Trust me. When you are truly smiling, or staying in the present, you are getting near to accessing the power of silence or say, the power of universe. And, trust me you could definitely much more with the help of power of universe than by your own power. So, STAY IN THE PRESENT MOMENT, STAY SMILING, STAY HAPPY.