Friday, December 30, 2005

Taj Mahal or Shiva Temple (TejoMahalay) ?...

I came across an article which claimed Taj Mahal to be Shiva Temple by providing some evidences from here and there. This is the link: Taj Mahal is a Hindu Temple. According to the article, the real name of Taj Mahal is TejoMahalay.

After going through the article, I thought it to be good idea to google "Taj mahal Shiva Temple" and surprisingly found some 83500 results. Whatever it be, it is definitely one of the most beautiful thing I have ever known. Read some interesting details about TajMahal in WikiPedia.

Kudos to all those sculptors and stonecutters who played a great role in construction of Taj Mahal.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Perseverance pays if one chases one's Passion with Patience!

Quite true! I was reading some articles from website, and I found some interesting stories on perseverance, passion and patience. Following is some text on perseverance from the website,

One inch at a time. That is how I climb and that is how I live. Sure, the summit is my goal, but without each carefully calculated move, I could never make it to the top. Each small step and each giant reach presents a unique challenge. As I move up the cliff, I recognize characteristics of the rock and then adapt learned techniques to advance further toward the goal.

I looked back in my life so far and was able to relate the above with my successes so far. I remember when I was writing IIT JEE, one of toughest competitve exams, in my school days. I was so much determined to get into one of the IITs that I didn't write any other examinations and I failed to get myself in shorlisted candidate in the first attempt in the year 1994. Then, my mother-father encouraged me to try again and yes, also try to write other competitive exams as well.

In year 1995, I again wrote IIT JEE and also other exams. And yes, this time I made it. Finally, I passed out of IIT Kharagpur. Thats just a small example.

I was very much passionate about getting into one of the IITs and I chased it with patience and perseverence. I finally got it.

If we make up our mind to chase our dream with passion, patience and perseverence, we are sure to get it. Rightly said by somebody...Dance until it rains!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Indian Rocks...! Way to go, Mr. Vijaypat Singhania!

I could be late in posting about the record set by Mr. Vijaypath Singhania, but as they say, its never too late..!

I was surfing internet and found an article on Mr. VijayPath Singhania, an Indian industrialist and adventurer who set himself a new challenge - to establish a new hot air balloon altitude record in the beginning of the year 2005. Textile magnate VijayPat Singhania aimed to fly to 70,000 feet ( 21,336 meteres) and break the world record of 64,997 feet set by per Lindstrand in June 1998 in Texas.

And there he did it by flying to 69,852 feet above sea level in his hot-air balloon 'Envelope'.

Congratulations. It must have been very dangerous if at all we imagine the altitude of 69852 feet. Gosh!

Well, it speaks loads about the courage and attitude of the textile magnate, Mr. Vijaypat Singhania. If you make up your mind, and if you are well determined and passionate about your ambitions and have that bit of attitude and courage, you would definitely acheive whatever you want, be it business or be it flying. :) Way to go...! Indian rocks!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Kalyug..Is that a publicity strategy for

Star-cast: Emraan Hashmi, Kumal Khemu, Deepal Shaw

Saw Kalyug, movie produced by Mahesh Bhatt, a well known bollywood producer-director. Kalyug was a decent movie based on the a bold topic of pornography. Film was originally named Blue-film. The name was later changed to Kalyug for one reason or the other.

I am no movie critic so I don't want to write on performances and story of Kalyug in general. But, as far as I am concerned, I found it as an average movie based on a bold concept of pornography. May be this would give other producers-director chance to make films on the subject of various aspects of pornography.

One thing I observed is Kalyug might end up in publicising the website, I myself thought to check out if there is a website called and what I found is to be indian pornography website.

So, whethar it was a planned publicity or not, might end up increasing hits on its website. Thanks to Mr. Mahesh Bhatt.

I am sure other porn based websites must be strategising their budget for funding a movie which would publicise their website. Watch out, folks...!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Kingfisher..Jet..Air Deccan..Air Sahara..Indian..fighting out the Price War

Good that lot of new airlines have brought price war in place and the winner is us. With the kind of prices available, a middle class person could now easily imagine to fly in one of the airlines and reach home fast.

Gone are the days when Indian Airlines was ruling..although they are in renewing-airline mode, they have a tough fight before them. Jet Airways-Air Deccan- KingFisher-Air Sahara airlines are going to give tough fight to Indian ( New name of Indian airlines ) in winning customers for them.

I was reading the Kingfisher airline chairman Vijay Mallaya message on the Kingfisher website, I found that they are going to give tough fight to every other airlines including Air Deccan especially known for their low prices for flight tickets. Only time will tell who wins!

Lets watch the fun. Whoever rules, a middle class person would win due to cool low price flight tickets. If you quickly want to compare prices, take a look at faresearch.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Does anybody have guts to beat Google? I trusted Microsoft but...

Google, Google, Google.. it is spreading like never before. Who knew some 5-6 years before that Google will give MicroSoft a run for their money. Google is coming with cool features and MicroSoft must be surely finding hard to even imagine whats going to come next! If MS dont get their acts straight and sharp, they would have to accept their "defeat" from Google.

Just a couple of days before, Google gave again hit to MicroSoft by bagging 5% stake in AOL for $1 Billion. Well, its fun to watch the battle in the market field.

Can MicroSoft beat Google in the area of search engine? However, cool search engine they bring, it would defintely take time for MicroSoft to win the trust of people to move from Google to MicroSoft when search engine is concerned? I am sure they could not buy the trust of the people so easily.

And, did I forget to mention Yahoo? O yes, Yahoo is also doing lot of stuff to beat Google/Microsoft in Search engine techonlogy.

One thing is sure that it is not going to be easy for both Microsoft and Yahoo to beat Google. But, one never knows...!

Anyways, All the best to MicroSoft and Google and Yahoo!
Gosh! Did they have camera with them?

This might have been first thought of the politicians who are caught red-handed while taking bribe for raising questions in question hour in parliament!

Hey politicians, if you do not stop taking bribes, you really got to be more innovative in taking bribe. You never know who is watching you. Maybe, you would want to ask the person, who want to bribe you, to meet with you in some secret place, however small amount of money it is.:) If you cant get innovative, hire some talented creative guys as there is no shortage of talent in the country.:)

Also, if you dont want to waste money in hiring creative talents, grab some CD/DVDs of nice movies which shows good/bad guys taking bribes.

May God save you from camera-guys..detectives! All the best!
Ganguly's removal from third test match - Blessing in Disguise!

Ganguly's removal from thord test match between India and SriLanka looks to be proving blessing in disguise for him. The very event of his removal from the team brought him in the limelight.. much needed one!

Well, the whole act of removing Ganguly from thrid test match between India and SriLanka seemed quite wrong as he played decently in 2nd test match scoring 40 and 39 in two innings.

Selecters of Indian cricket team should not act so harsh on players based on a couple of performaces. More so when the player is someone like most successful Indian cricket team captai, Sourav Ganguly.

After all this hungama in which media played a great role ( thanks to media!:), Ganguly looks to be certain of getting a chance in Indian test team playing Indo-Pak test series.

All the best Sourav Ganguly! You definitely deserve another chance!