Sunday, September 14, 2008 simplifies Online Wedding Planning!

How have we planning and managing our wedding invitations so far?

  1. Send invitations on email by sending a scanned copy of wedding card or ecard.
  2. Creating a dedicated portal for managing your wedding, and guests for which you pay for hosting charges and you got to renew domain and hosting charge year-by-year.
  3. Handling invitees queries using email. In most of the cases they are similar queries. However, message need to be sent each time to different invitees. And, these message need to be mostly sent by the host himself from his mail account.

Once wedding is over, do we care to share wedding photos and videos?

Here is what you could achieve by using funpiper’s event planner:

  1. Create your dedicated wedding page using event planner. This page could be absolutely private in nature. Hence, you get your wedding (event) code as a result of creating wedding page and your invitees could easily access your wedding page either using code or following link sent in the invitation email. You could share the code using phone, sms etc.
  2. Add invitees easily from your wedding page. Your family and friends could add their invitees using one event moderator signup. You could club all these invitees in one group for later use.
  3. Upload wedding invitation card, route to your home and other relevant photographs such as your engagement snap, your fiancée snap on the wedding page.
  4. Communicate with invitees and answer all their queries. This makes it easy for invitees to find common information on this page.
  5. After wedding is done, upload photos and videos and inform invitees about the same.
  6. Keep this page forever without having to think of hosting or domain charges.
  7. And, all of the above is achieved using only one event moderator sign up account., India's first Collaborative Event Planner, is coming up with other features which will facilitate the cohesion among event attendees and make the entire wedding planning a fun process. To learn more, visit!