Sunday, August 14, 2005

Ab Tumhare Hawaale Watan Saathiyo...Happy Independence Day!

This is an absolute wonderful day. Celebrating 58th indepedence day, I wish you all a very very happy independence day. I was listening some of the following songs that kind of gave some hard patriotic feeling on the fly.
  • Kar chale hum fida.. ab tumhare hawale watan saathiyo
  • Jahan daal daal pe
  • Saare jahan se achaa

I am proud to be an Indian. Days are not far when we would be truely called as "maathe ki bindiya" as sung in a hindi movie, Pardes! We are progressing ahead on an absolute phenomenonal pace in all the aspects of life. If we sustain this pace in coming years, we would be able to eradicate poverty, unemployment from our great country, India.

On this day, let us take pledge to break all the barriers and acheive what no country has acheived so far.

Jai Hind!

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