Sunday, August 21, 2005

Lets wish that we could go to Kashmir some day without any worries?

Is that possible? If we all pray for peace in Kashmir, and if god of all religions come together and make up their mind to make it true, would n't be a boon to mankind as a whole? I definitely believe so. Kashmir is said to be the heaven of earth.

I always dream of going to Kashmir and spend my 7 days vacation in one of those water boats. But if that would be come possible is a big question mark? By the way, what is this whole fight for? Why is all these killings of innocent people? Who is responsible for the killings in kashmir?

Is it Jehadi (so called) who are very much motivated by some militant groups across the border? Well, sometimes our indian army also end up killing innocent lives? But that is never intentional, as far as I believe. Only people of Kashmir could tell much about it?

The news of killings in Kashmir goes across us so easily. We never seem to get affected by such news. For this, we must thank god that we didn't take birth in one of the Kashmiri families. Could you imagine the lady from Kashmir below in image with a big question mark on her face?


Anonymous said...

Allah bless Kashmiri awaam as they are living every moment of life in terror. It is really difficult to imagine the terror prevailing in Kashmir. Solution.. should be found out sooner than later for the betterment of peace in south asian region.

Madhooo said...

It is a very sad, sad situation. yesterday I heard someone telling in Discovery Channel that in Kashmir, you can see both heaven and hell. It is sad that now people are scared to visit Kashmir because of all the violence goin on there. It is even sad when you see the innocent people being victimised. But still I nurse a hope that one day peace will reign Kashmir and that Kashmir will become the favorite tourist spot again.

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