Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Size does matter! and so does Google, so much so that...

the search of two chefs for Google cafe for their mountain view office is covered by various newspapars. They say that Google is going to conduct some screening tests for two chefs. The chefs has to be creative and innovative. Why not? After all they have similar requirements for recruiting engineers. And, they could afford to do so. After all, they are such a big search engine company. But, talking about chefs is going a bit extra step. Is n't it? Anyways, rightly said, size does matter!

Discovery landed safely in California. Thank God! It takes me back to Columbia disaster where we lost the entire crew that included Dr. Kalpana Chawala. Congratulations to the entire crew of Discovery space shuttle. Let us see if US prepares for next space flight probably scheduled to happen sometime in coming september.

Cracking Rs. 1,60,000 in Kaun banega Crorepati 2 seems to be an easier task. KBC 2 started last weekend on Star Plus channel. Amitabh Bachchan, as usual, is attraction of the quiz show. Some of my observations regarding questions are following:

  • Common sense
  • Current affairs
  • History
To crack 2 crore, one has to be smart, logical, knowledgeable, and lucky (mainly in 50/50 and flip lifeline).

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