Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Website to help raise money received $400000 in donation! God bless humanity!

Rightly said, where there is a will, there is a way. However, God should also be around to play his role.

It would have been very easy to lose all hopes when Susan Torres, a 26-year-old researcher at the National Institutes of Health, lost consciousness from a stroke May 7 after aggressive melanoma spread to her brain. At that time, she was pregnant having the gestation period of around 12 weeks. Susan was brain-dead pregnant woman who has been kept on life support for nearly three months to give her fetus more time to develop.

With all the effort made by doctors, and with all the blessings, the baby took birth today. The baby is doing absolutely fine.

Hats off to her husband Jason Torres! He kept his cool at this testing time. He fought out everything with courage. He put up a website, http://www.susantorresfund.org/ in order to get donations from anywhere possible. And, in return he got overwhelming response from people worldwide in form of a donation of $400000 since last week.

God bless humanity!

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