Sunday, July 31, 2005

Is that a never ending fight for Kashmir? Reminds me of Tom and jerry?

Pakistan is doing everything to take away Kashmir. Be it attracting third-party (mainly, US) intervention, or, exporting terrorism in the form of militant infiltration to India through LOC (Line of Control).

Every fortnight, there has to be some blasts in Srinagar or Kashmir killing innocent people. These militants even tried to dismantle the Indian constitution by attacking on Parliament house, a couple of years back. Very recently, LeT, a militant group active in pakistan,is alleged to have carried out Ayodhya attack.

When would all this merciless killing end? Shall India do something about it? Definitely Yes!

The fights remind me of Tom and Jerry. The question is who is Tom and who is Jerry? By the way, in the picture below, who is the third guy, relaxing? Do not guess it as US.:)


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