Saturday, July 02, 2005

Tarun J Tejpal, Tehelka Champion shining with his new book - The Alchemy of Desire

Tarun Tejpal is a hardcore indian journalist, who had proved his mettle in journalism by his creative venture,a website, You ask any indian politician if he/she knows Tarun J Tejpal, and they would certainly end up saying more than yes or no. It is all due to hungama done by in indian politics.

Tarun J Tejpal should surely be a proud indian who has authored internationally acclaimed book - The Alchemy of Desire. This is one such book which is appreciated by media worldwide. And for our information, this is Tarun's first book. We, are proud of you, Tarun.

If you get a chance to catch hold of The Alchemy of Desire, just get it and read it.I assure a higher return on investment.

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Anonymous said...

This is a class book... I agree!