Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Indian sky ready to get flooded with private airlines! What about uniform monsoon in the country?

Looking 10 years back, flying to the desination was a remote possibility. It was out of affordable range of middle class, for sure. And what is the scenario, today?

At least, Air Deccan has made it easy for middle class people to make a quick visit back home using one of their cheap-fare flights. Thanks to Air Deccan team. This led to other flights bringing their cost down by almost 50%. So, Indian airlines, Jet Airways, and Air Sahara had to rethink their pricing schemes and come up with various ticketing scheme such as apex fares. Entry of other low fare airlines such as KingFisher, SpiceJet, Go would only make competition stiffer.

Rediff.com Fare Search has come up with nice portal to compare and book ticket online. It is similar to that of LastMinuteTravel.com. This is a nice and value-added portal.Check it out!

By the way, how about indian sky getting some uniform clouds to shower entire country. At some places like Gujarat, Maharashtra there is heavy rain while at other, there are only clouds and very scanty rainfall. Common, rain god, break free the raindrops hanging from the sky.

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