Friday, July 22, 2005

Vista follows XP! Whats in the name? Microsoft working hard to impress us much!

That don't impress me much! Well, Shania Twain sung the song very well to be used in various scenarios. How much would forth coming OS release of Microsoft (named Vista) would impress users/analysts would be known next year, 2006. The beta release is suuposed to be available by August 3, 2005. Let us wait and watch!

Microsoft named its next operating system as Windows Vista. This is going to be major release after Octobar 2001 release of Windiws XP. Whats in the name? Well, earlier releases had its name based on the year of release or some terms such as XP that describe the release itself. Check out the dictionary meaning of Vista.

Looks like Microsoft wanted to be more innovative and name its next major release in 2006, as Windows Vista. Well, keep brain storming guys for catchy and innovative names of other product releases also.

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