Monday, July 18, 2005

Taj Mahal sold in Re 1. That could be a possibility, you never know!

Who is the owner of Taj Mahal? The Archaelogical Society of India (ASI) or Uttar Pradesh Sunni Central Waqf Board. Well, the question is still unanswered.

Wakf board is claiming Taj Mahal as Waqf property and they are in the process of gathering manuscripts, archaeological and other related documents to arrive at a proper conclusion.

ASI, on the other hand, is vehemently opposing registration of the Taj Mahal as a Waqf property.

It was in Bunty aur Babli that Taj Mahal was given to some foreigner on lease. But, that looks good only in movie. What, if Taj Mahal, the world's most famous monument to love becomes some religious trust property. That sounds ugly. Let the Taj Mahal be a part of India. Taj Mahal is pride of India. Let us not bring it in controversy.

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