Saturday, July 02, 2005

Indian politics rocks - Congress - CPM on BHEL Disinvestment! Indian government on fire!

Looks like there is a lock situation between Congress president Sonia Gandhi, and CPM general secratory Karat on BHEL disinvestment issue. Sonia Gandhi has not been able to convince Karat on going ahead with BHEL disinvestment for attracting FDI.

CPM party's point is that BHEL is a profitable unit. Why are we disinvesting it? Are we losing every profitable/nonprofitable government undertaking to private sector? Is it good for India?

Well, CPM and Congress has to resolve this issue sooner than later? UPA is in danger? Government is in danger?

Best of luck Sonia! Let us see if you could convince Mr. Karat. Why isn't our prime minister Mr. Manmohan Singh convincing Mr. karat on pros and cons. After all, Mr. Manmohan singh had himself been India's finance minister once.

Lets wait and watch the fun going on in UPA, CPM, Congress on BHEL disinvestment!

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Anonymous said...

If anyone says, that the CPM guys have brains.....I will shoot them...

Damn the CPM folks