Saturday, July 23, 2005

Can somebody say if there is a way to root out terrorism? God, please save London for now, and world for all times from terrorism!

Could these handful of terrorists do anything they like? Seemingly yes!

They did a grand show of September 11 attack in which so many innocent people died! Then, they attacked indian parliament on December 13, 2003. And, now they have been attacking London time and again!

They say that they have valid reasons to carry out these attacks. Sometimes they blame US for their policies on Islamic countries and thus kill thousands of people on September 11 attack. Then, they blame India for its policies on Kashmir and try to shake the indian sentiments by attacking on parliament building. Then, they blame UK to support US in carrying out war in Iraq, and they attack London.

Gosh! They do it in the name of Jihad! They do not even understand that in all these attacks they have killed thousands of people. Could these people find out some other constructive ways of protesting? Or, else get ready to face consequences!

Responsible people, could we really carry out some nationswide search of these people and bring them to justice?

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Anonymous said...

Don't take my following comments for supporting any kinds of violence. I just wonder...

Why there is so much of hue and cry when Indian parliament is bombed or trains in london are bombed or when sep 11 happens ? thousands of people cheer their soldiers when they take lives of
thousand others in other countries and we keep silent.. Everyone right+left+religious+nonreligious+all others point out how crimial is the act of terrorism.... what is war then ? what is police brutality on silent protestors in democratic countries etc..etc..