Thursday, July 21, 2005

Imagining sounds of earth ripping apart (tsunami) enough to give you chills!

How would the earth ripping out sound? Imagining itself gave me chills. This is about sound of tsunami and december's devastating earthquake of magnitude 9.3 in indian ocean.

The dramatic soundtrack of the rupture of the Sumatra-Andaman Fault comes from a little known, and sometimes hard- to- access resource. The microphones that captured the sound are part of a global network of instruments that monitor compliance with the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

The microphones that picked up this earthquake were located in Diego Garcia, an island more than 1,700 miles from the epicenter of the quake. The length of the rupture was about 750 miles.

Innovating Cricket: Check out the image below. This turns on my cricketing brain cells. Shall we get our indian team turned on in forth coming series in Sri Lanka?

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