Tuesday, July 26, 2005

We asked for a bucket full, and you gave us much more! Now relax, Rain God!

It has been raining a lot in my city, Hyderabad, since last few days. People have already started talking about rainfall of the likes of August 2000 when there was flood in hyderabad. God save Hyderabad!

It is always good to rain cats and dogs but only for few days. God, could you be a bit generous? Flood would only bring miseries to the poor people. Few days before, it was Gujarat, and Maharastra. Now it seems to be turn ofHyderabad. It is raining so heavily that even roads are getting blocked by rain water.

There are manholes on roads which are major reasons for accidents on a rainy day when water get accumulated on roads. Andhra Pradesh government should take immediate measures to meet such circumstances.

By the way, Rain God is showing no mercy on Mumbai. Mumbai has come to stand still. God Bless!

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