Sunday, July 03, 2005

When would India become permanent? Is homework done well? Hey, Delhi, whats up?

When talking about permanent membership in UNSC, United Nations Security Council, the hot question is who is/are next permanent member/s? Is it India, or is it one of Japan, Brazil, Germany? Following are some of the relevant questions that could be hitting us:

  • How important is to get a permanent membership of UNSC?
  • What if we do not get a permanent seat? Is it going to affect us in some manner?
  • How would it affect us if we do get the permanent seat?

I am sure our thinkers have already thought of answers to all the above questions. Only time would tell if we get the permanent seat or not. Let us see if our politicians have done enough homework. US has already endorsed a permanent seat for India. That is a matter of pride and has increased the chance. So, let us wait and watch! Let the indian government planning in New Delhi (capital city of India) know that we indians across the globe are watching Every Move You Make.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the sample interview questions...

Anonymous said...

Never is the answer.

We should be dreaming to think that we are in the same league as Japan or Germany.

Why do you ask?

Here is a simple answer, when people to vote (in the elections)in either Japan or Germany...they think...I may be screwed up, but the guy who is ruling me should not be screwed up?

As long as we have these dirty politicians in India? We can never progress and make it to the Security Council...

Damn those CPM do they think?