Monday, July 04, 2005

Did you ask my religion? Its Indian!

India is a secular country. Simply speaking, all religions exists in India. India is a land of religions. Indians are allowed to exercise any religion they want. So, what are some of the important religions?

  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Sikhism
  • Christionity
  • Others

However, Hindu-Muslim conflicts happening once in a while is bringing bad name to India. These conflicts happen due to minority group, both, in Hindu and Islamic communities. Of coarse, Hindu population is much much larger in India and one should respect it. Similarly, if one, such as Islam, has smaller population, one should not degrade it. So, its the matter of mutual respect for each other religions.

Should we start acting like Indian only, for once? I think the key to reducing these conflicts is education at all level and removal of unemployment, and hence poverty.


Vicky said...

Hi nidhi
Nice blog. I agree with u, the first religion is humanity and being an Indian.
but u cant change the mindet of ppl by education and removing poverty.
there r plenty of ppl who took part in gujarat riots who were rich and highly educated.
The issues r much deeper. Ppl need to feel more secure. u need to create a healthy environment. thats one thing which can possibly work.

Anonymous said...

Just today, militant attacks happened on Ayodhya temple! LeT is alleged to carry out these attacks. I am sure this attack is to create communal tension. I think, education is a key wherein hindu and muslim should be educated of these smarts by some communal group in pakistan! - Rajesh .. Nice blog Nidhi!

Anonymous said...

You almost forgot 10 years of genocide of Sikhs and Punjabis starting in 1984.

There is continuous strife in Kashmir and it is internal. Gujarat is only the tip of communal violence.

Read ''Clash of Civilization"" by the Harvard Prof. S. Hunnington -- stop being an unfettered optimists and read a book