Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hey Sa-ChiN-ia! India is watching you!

India seems to be closely watching Sachin and Sania for their performance in cricket and tennis.

Sachin Tendulkar has been dragged into some senseless controversy. It all started with Greg Chappell making a statement that Sachin might not be able to regain earlier form. At the same time, Sachin had undergone elbow injury surgery. Things went on so much worse that known cricketers such as former indian cricket team captains Azharuddin and Kapil Dev were asked for their opinion on Sachin's retirement.

Come on India, give Sachin a break. Trust him! He deserves it! Check out what Greg Chappell has to say about Sachin.

Sania Mirza, the indian tennis star has become very famous for her display of the game in some of the recent tennis matches such as Wimbledon, Dubai open, Hyderabad WTA Open. She won Hyderabad WTA open. She pulled off her biggest win till date when she upset world number 7, Svetlana Kuznetsova in second round in Dubai open. She also played well in Wimbledon but lost in the second round to Svetlana Kuznetsova. Check out what she has to speak on her performance in wimbledon.

Never mind, Sania. India trusts you. Keep playing to your best! By the way, Sania has become a youth icon due to her stylish look, cool T-Shirts( Tag: Well behaved woman seldon makes history).

Get Sanskritized
: Did you ever want to know a website where you could get all sanskrit documents(Ramayana, MahaBharata, Gita, Veda and many more)?

Indian politics masala
: CPM is firm on the disinvestment issue of BHEL. Let us see how Sonia Gandhi and UPA handles them. Could CPM be manipulated? Mr. Karat, beware!


Anonymous said...

The reason for all these brash talk from Chappel and others, is the emergence of Sehwag as a lethal weapon.

What if we never had a Sehwag?

What is a more destructible batsman, Sehwag or Gilcrist?

Anonymous said...

That is true! The question is .. Is Shewag the replacement for Sachin? I do not think so...