Saturday, July 16, 2005

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Marriage analysis: Husband or Computer? Wife treats them same!:)

India is a land of arranged marriage system. Potential bride-grooms come under close scrutiny for several areas of the matching process by their parents. Once parents are satisfied with their prospective in-laws, they arrange their marriage. Often, the bride lives with her in-laws after marriage in what is called a joint family.

Things have changed. India has become a land of IT. Now, lets take a look at what would be planning of a indian girl once the marriage gets fixed.

  • She got to buy a computer. (Parents decides for marriage of the girl.)
  • She looks out for various available brands. (Boy from IIT, IIM, Boy who is a doctor, an IAS officer etc.)
  • She boils down to one of them. (Marriage is fixed.)
  • She reads the manual. (understands her would-be hubby).
  • Based on her readings, she decides whethar she needs to re-format the computer or accept it as it is. (How much the would-be hubby needs to be changed.)
  • She buys the computer. (Marriage happens!)
  • From day one, she runs anti-virus scans on the computer and keep cleaning it on daily basis. (She keeps changing her hubby thinking process.)
  • She also installs new softwares. (She keeps incorporating new thinking process.):)
  • However, cleaning she does, computer keeps hanging. (Poor husbands get confused and fight back often.:)
  • Incase computer becomes slow or stops working, she keeps reformating the computer till the end of her life. (Poor husband keeps loving his wife forever, come what may!)

Warning message: Any resemblance with any husband-wife life is purely incidental.:)


saba said...

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A Kumar said...

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