Friday, July 08, 2005

Does need semi-nudity to attract users on daily basis? Or, are they saint?

If you get a chance to visit, visit the website. You would find a semi-nude image right on front page! How much is the act of displaying of such images on homepage is correct, could be an arguable topic for discussion? But, the fact remains that photos(thumbnails) displayed randomly on front page of are mostly semi-nude and, might work in favour of to attract users on daily basis to some extent. Take a look at one of those images below that I found when I visited on The lady is Sameera Reddy. guys, are you getting inspired with Speaking about inspiration, take a peek at Yahoo Search homepage which is made almost same as Google homepage.

Indian Politics Masala: Divesting stake of profitable public sector companies was strongly opposed by left parties so much so that Indian government was almost on fire. But all said and done, indian government has decided to divest stake in profitable PSUs upto some extent. Lets wait and watch. Let us see if Sonia Gandhi led-government, Oops,:) Mr. Manmohan Singh led-government becomes successful in divesting some stake in BHEL. Check out more on divestment issue.


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