Sunday, July 10, 2005

Is IIT + IT >= IIIT + IT ??

A guy with IIT + IT combination, at most of the times, is making higher salary than a guy with IIIT + IT combination. Why? The reason looks to be simple and straight.

IIT stands for Indian Institue of technology. They are the most prestigious engineering institutions of the country. A person passing out from one of the IITs is complete in all aspects owing to rigorous training given in various engineering courses. Also, cracking IIT JEE makes them stand apart from rest of the engineers as IIT JEE is the most toughest engineering competition in the country.

IIIT stands for Indian Institute of Information technology. These institutes churn out pure IT professionals. These professionals are well equipped to handle any kind of IT job.

Thus, when an IITian is compared with an IIITian, IITians seem to be way ahead due to their allround engineering capabilities. Nevertheless, IIIT is churning out some good IT professionals. And, students from IIITs are also cracking opportunities with top IT companies in the country.

So, folks, if you do not get into one of the IITs, do make into one of the IIITs as they also open immense opportunites with top IT companies in the country.


Project Management Software said...

Way to go pal :)!!!

Anonymous said...

IIIT Hyderabad gives a degree in CS and Electronics, and focuses on research, you will find more CS courses here than even in IIT's.Here normally people don't have to waste their time in courses such as Physics, Chemistry and Engineering design etc,instead they can specialize in streams such as computer vison, data-engineering, NLP, communications,Robotics etc...

Job Comparison: IIIT-H does places its students in the best MNC's.This year they even have Microsoft research and Google research for their placements which do not visit even all the IIT's.

In comparison IIIT-B and IIIT-A provide a degree in IT.(IIIT-B provides only post graduate).Both of them also have quite decent placements. IIIT-A is a government run institute,while both IIIT-B and IIIT-H are supported by the industry.

I won't mention any other IIIT, as I feel they are not up that mark to even deserve a comparison with any of the 7 IITs or even these 3 IIIT's.