Tuesday, July 19, 2005

India could Crack-it in World Cup 2007 Cricket!

India has great chance of reaching the World Cup 2007 semi-finals to be held in West Indies. India is placed in pool B wherein other teams are Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Bermuda. Bangladesh and Bermuda, being comparatively weaker team, India has just one castle to conquer and that is of Sri Lanka. And, there is good chance that India could beat Sri Lanka and thus, reach into Semi-finals. Currently, Sri Lanka is way ahead of India in ICC ODI rankings but behind India in ICC Test rankings. So, it would be fun to watch the battle between Sri Lanka and India in World Cup 2007 in pool matches.

In other pools such as pool D, as many as three stronger teams have been placed together. Those three teams are West Indies, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe.

Check out the teams in various pools. Here is the World cup 2007 schedule.

What's the big deal with a glass of milk?
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Drink a glass of milk. A glass of milk provides 1/3rd of calcium requirement of the day!

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